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First Official Project


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Hey everyone, so after months of deciding I'm going to get this guitar and I am going to "go to town" on it.

Okay heres a list of what I want to do, can someone give some advice on which would be easier and which I shouldn't even attempt?

I want to:

1) change the logo to my own custom logo

2) change the pickups

3) scallop the entire neck

4) change the inlays on the neck*

*Am I better off just buying another neck and starting fresh on that one?

Thanks for all the help,


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If you're going to end up with one anyway, why not just bite the bullet and get what you really want?


Actually, I know a guy who did buy one & "went to town" on it.

Oh, back to the topic at hand... All of that's do-able, depending on your skill level. For a beginner, changing the logo & pickups should be relatively straight-forward. Scalloping the neck and changing the inlays may pose a greater challenge. It's a cheap enough guitar, so I wouldn't feel too bad about making it a "learner" :D

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For one, your logo shouldn’t be on a guitar you didn’t build. Sorry, but putting your logo on theirs or their logo on yours is in the same category for me. Just put your signature on the back so people know you modified it or take the logo off completely and leave the headstock blank.

Scalloping the neck can be fun, just watch how close you get to the frets. I’ve seen many a ruined neck with the frets barely hanging on due to excessive scalloping.

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if u have never scalloped a neck id find a junk neck and practice on that first. you dont want to spend all that money on the guitar and ruin the neck. then u have to go out and find a replacement neck that is good enough to play on. i ask my local music shops to for broken necks or somthing like that. they nomally give them 2 me for free or i have to pay.

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