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Need help aging a white Telecaster pickguard

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Hello all...I'm seeking suggestions/advice as to how I might age a white Telecaster pickguard to an ivory / parchment /yellowed patina that looks like a 30 year old guard that's survived late night gigs and heavy smoke-filled bars.

I've heard of marinating it in a vat of coffee/tea or chewing tobacco. I have also heard of spraying it with a tinted lacquer from ReRanch.

I'm open to suggestions and welcome your input!


CT Dude :D

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Wassup man. I'm a big fan of Kiwi brown shoe polish. Wipe the guard with alcohol to remove any wax etc. Rub the Kiwi on evenly, let it set and rub off. Do it a few times and it will get that smokers tan. Final rub well with a white cloth to make sure it's all off. It even works on poly. If it rubs off in spots, reapply and wipe off...eventually will 'stain' the plastic. :D

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Ain't that a bit dangerous? I mean, the clear coat sis not dry when you do that, I take it. Have to watch where you put that cigarette if you don't want a nice maple torch, eh?

On the original topic, I've heard about that tea/coffee/tobacco thing, too and I think that's what I'd do if I'd have parts to age. I mean, it stains teeth big time so it should work on pickguards ;-)

so long


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You could roughen up the guard with some wire wool or kitchen scourer where you might reasonably expect pickwear (less is more here, in my opinion!), and use instant coffee rather than the gourmet stuff (Pulp Fiction is quite wrong!), and lots of it; some people add a (SMALL) amount of green food dye into the mix to simulate that 'greening' with age. Be prepared for it to take a while (I had a strat guard in an oven tray in the bottom of the oven for a week - I only cook in the microwave..). the strat pickguard discoloured a treat, and actually looks older and more "authentic" than the original guard on my 76 - go figure. Check the progress periodically if you're the kind of person who worries if they have left the iron on.. good luck

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