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Fret Dress Needed Help!?

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I noticed some buzzing just after 1 or 2 frets but no where else, the first fret is much lower than the other i noticed when i measured them , which is giving me hell with the nut height. Anyways, I a terribly worried about the size of the frets after a fret dress, I like my big frets, and i'm wondering how much does a fret dress take off? Should I be worried?How much dresses, can u get before u need new frets? any info ont he matter would be helpful, thanks

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How low your frets are after the fret dress depends on how off the frets are now. To take the least material off, the neck needs to be under the same pressure it would be when strung up, while it's being leveled. This can be done either by leaving the strings on and using angle aluminum as a sanding block, or by putting the guitar in a neck jig. Either way, the truss rod should be used to get the neck as straight as possible under string tension, before leveling. Once the truss rod is adjusted, you (or the guitar tech) should be able to get a grasp of how much material needs to be removed, by setting a straight edge across the frets and measuring gaps with a feeler guage.



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