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I Want A Simpler Mustang


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hehehe...is this a question or a suggestion...

What do you mean by simpler...I don't like slide switches, so I'd loose them for a start...

more detail please...


I don't care for the slides either. I'm just partsing together a Mustang and have the pieces already. To be honest the Mustang Jagstang type guitars have too many controls for me but I'm committed to finishing this. The standard Mustang switch has each p/u on/ off and an in phase and and out of phase setting. I've never had a Mustang so I just want to make the guitar sound good. I haven't read or heard a single positive comment on the out of phase setting and it's really more than I need. Also I have the RW p/u which isn't standard for the Mustang so I just want to be able to turn each p/u on and off independently and use the one volume and one tone control.

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