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Oil Based Wood Varnish


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Can i use Oil Based Wood Varnish to finish my guitar instead of Lacquer?

Cause doesn't it to the same thing, protect from scratches etc?

The answer is yes. Is it easier to apply yes. Will it look as good probably not. You will have to apply more coats. Most Oil based finishes are just polyurethane. True varnish is made by the user or ordered from a speciality finish supplier. I suggest a wipe on version so you have to do less sanding than a brush on formula which is more likely to drip. Use a good quality cotton cloth with no fuzz. You only want finish on the guitar not cotton fuzz.

Varnish (the standard store poly version) will probably give you a harder finish than lacquer. Also make sure you seal off all cavities with at least two coats. here you can use a brush since it will be hidden under pickups and the like and some drips will not make a difference. You also dont need the can to say varnish just a wipe on oil finish.

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