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Bushing Issue On Tailpiece

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hey guys. my tailpiece bushing on my sg has prided up over the past 5 years. it seems to have stoped moving awhile back. the backside is prided up .54mm. i do not have money to get new bushings like everyone says on the other threads iv searched for. i want to super glue it in, or epoxy it in. now will this effect the ground wire that is connected to the bushing? also what kind of epoxy should i use? will it effect my tuning stabablity or anything like the guitars amazing tone? right now the guitar plays amazing. the bushings have been pulled out and there kinda hard to get out of the hole, so there not lose. my tech told me to just leave it like that. but i dont want the bushing to rip out over time. he recomended just leaving it be.

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after searching i found this answer:

"If the inserts come out easily, pull them straight up and out, then coat the knurled part with one or two coats of superglue and let it dry overnight. (the knurled part is the toothed outside edge that holds the insert in the wood) After it has dried overnight, use a padded C-clamp to push it back into place.

The general idea is to increase the size of the insert slightly and the superglue will be hard enough to keep your tone and not screw up the body.

The other alternative is to fill the hole with a hardwood dowel and re-drill, not exactly an easy thing.

By the way,epoxy should be the last thing to consider in doing repairs,One,it usually doesn't set up hard enough, and two, it is almost impossible to remove if you screw up. With superglue, you can clean up with acetone or nail polish remover. (not the kind that has hand lotion or moisturizer in it)."

from this forum http://www.guitarnoise.com/forums/viewtopi...p;sk=t&sd=a. my sg is doing the same thing. is tha what i should do or any better ideas. i was going to just throw some super glue in the hole and put the bushing down in it.

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