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Used Fox Bender Plans For Free


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I am setting up a small friendly X-mas competition. I have a set of used Fox side bender plans that I have used and don’t need any more and really would like to see being used. It is the LMII set. I now offer to send them for free to the one that gives me the best motivation: So why should I send it to you?

Don’t PM me. Place your motivation here. This will be a fun, friendly competition in argumentation skills. The competition ends at the first of January and the winner will be announced here.

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Woodworking and, only the last year, guitar repair and building, is one of my greatest joys in life. I get off work, every day, and immediately head to my sanctuary, the wood shop.

I'm currently undertaking a test run strat type guitar that'll end up being art work on the shop wall.

Eventually, I'll undertake an acoustic guitar, and any tool that'll make the job easier is most welcome.

Send the plans over to Oregon, please.


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OK, it’s first of January and decision time.

You guys have made it a bit hard for me. Some really good suggestions:

WesV, having acoustic set laying around without using them is a shame, so if the plans would help you get around to build something I would really be happy

Keith, I’m sure the plans would appreciate the warm climate in South Africa. It’s snowing right now here in Sweden...

LPboco, getting a young guy starting in building acoustics would of cause be a very good cause.

Carl, I really like the way you describe the joy you find in building guitars. I share that joy.

If I have to pick a winner (and I have, as I only have one set of plans) it has to be…(drum roll)… WesV, as he is the one (IMO) that is closest to starting an acoustic build.

PM me you address and I will send the plans to you. And if you really go ahead with your build, please let us know how it works out.

For you runner ups (and anyone else interested) you can also PM me, as I have a nice tutorial I ripped of the internet and a bunch of other documents regarding the issue that makes it possible to build a nice Fox style side bender even without the original plans. I can pack all of it in a zip-file and e-mail it to you if you PM me you e-mail addresses.

Happy new year all of you.

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Congrats WesV.

SwedishLuthier. Thanks for the contest. Today's a great day. Just went nuts with a StewMac order. On Friday I'll be routing out my little Strat body. Got templates for everything and many, many other guitar shop necessities.

One day, I'll be at the acoustic level.

Thanks again for the contest.

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The dollars on those StewMac orders can add up fast, can't they? :D

You betcha. :D

Also did a Rockler order and a MLCS order for other router accessories/necessities.

One little trip left today for a dust control nipple for my router table, and I'm going to settle into the shop for the rest of the 1st day of the year.

I'd love to see a pic of your shop SwedishLuthier, and others.


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I'd love to see a pic of your shop SwedishLuthier, and others.

You will not find my shop here as it is undergoing some major modifications (stationary spray booth as the main upgrade) but you can find a lot of shop pics here:


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