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Question On Body Blanks

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hey guys, im new around here and im hoping to start on my first real project. ive been playing guitar for about 7 years now and have tinkered with them in the past, mostly just swapping pickups and necks and i did route 2 of my guitars for floyds, but this is my first big project. i want to make a neck-thru explorer. i have a bunch of parts ordered off stew mac and i am slowly gathering all the materials i need. but i am having a huge problem finding a blody blank thats big enough, id like a 2 piece unglued alder or mahogany blank so i dont have to cut it in half or anything. id even settle for 3 pieces i could glue together to get the right shape, but i cant find anywhere that has them big enough or is willing to cut them big enough. any advice? sorry for the lengthy post. thanks a lot.

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this is what i do


the guitar in the picture is a smaller sized explorer but i have done the same thing with full size ones - although i think i had to add an extra bit to the lower horn as well.

wont work with a stew mac black since they come already glued

you can get wider blanks from most places other than stew-mac who are very standardised - just got to ask, usually costs more though and i usually use normal sized blanks like shown above

edit... hold on a second.. if you are building a through neck you should be fine with a normal unglued two piece body blank!!!

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yea thanks for the help. last night i was looking around on the web and found some pictures that inspired me haha. i thought maybe i should actually draw up the size of the blank and see whats what and it turns out it will be fine i just might have to use the outer edges of the blank for the inner edges of the wings if you know what i mean. thanks again for the help and once i get it all here i will defiantly start a project thread!

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