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a hacked up strat neck

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Just out of curiosity, i was wondering what would happen if you took a strat neck copy (god forbid you use an original) and put 3 of the tuners on the opposite side of the headstock, like a gibson or prs neck. Then you could cut the top off and have a shorter neck. It would look really wierd, but Would it work? I think i'm going to have to try it and find out. :D

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yup, just make sure you test fit everthing for proper spacing before you drill..

EVH did that on his kramer for the high e string i think that that was cause the head stock was cracked at the top or something

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ive seen a modified strat headstock with 4 tuners on the left and 2 on the right.


of course, the headstock is smaller, but it would work.

You wouldn't be able to get that exact shape from cutting down a regular strat head-stock. Maybe a big goofy late 60's/early 70's style.

I see necks on ebay all the time that have real god damn ugly headstocks on 'em that are just begging someone to come along and do something to help make them look better. Some of 'em need the entire headstock cut off and used for some kind of steinberger type guitar. But then some idiot always comes along and bids way more than the ugly neck is worth.

There's always these "triangle" shaped headstock necks there, that not only look ugly as ****, I bet they're warped and twisted as well. Probably from being made in some hot humid asian country.

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