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Hi, I am starting to work out specs for my second custom guitar (I don't build, just design). I am colorblind, so I'm having some problems trying to work out if my color idea is possible. I think I'm looking for something in between a black dye and tiger eye on quilted maple. I'm wondering if there's a way to make it mostly shades of black, with the lightest parts of the quilt gold? Any ideas or links to some similar looking finishes would be awesome.



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By gold do you mean transparent?

Either way yes.

What you are refering to is a Candy paint. Which is a variation of trasparent.

Auto Air makes a Candy Black. House of Kolor there are some recipes for mixing them. I don't know about the other manufacturers.

A candy is a transparent that builds in darkness as you layer it. So for instance a Candy Red would be red on the first pass but on the 5th or so coat would get very dark. So you could easily do one color bursts by layering them. The film thickness would still be very thin because of how much you would reduce it. Candy Apple Red show cars are actually red sprayed over a gold base, in the traditional form.

If you look at a transparent bottle of Candy paint the top of the bottle will be the color the bottom of the bottle will be black. It would be the same way as the paint builds.

You can see it in the edges of this picture:


Or in the flames on this, which were yellow (pagan gold) sprayed over by oriental blue:


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