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Good Deal On Clamps


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Lowes has 24" (and some stores have other sizes) Irwin Quick-Grip XP clamps buy one get one free. I think until January 8, but I'm not positive on the date.

They're not advertised, but look for a big green sign on the shelf. And make sure they ring up correctly; I bought some at two different Lowes stores and they had to manually fix the price both times.

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Yup. If I hadn't of spent my budget, uh, allowance today, I would have ordered 12. My collection of clamps is growing though.

Well, back to the shop. Making some templates out of masonite and hanging the Dremel over the workbench, with flexshaft, so I can move it up and down the 8 ft length of No. 1 workbench for convenience.

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If anyones interested I have a few Jorgies (11) 24" to get rid of as well as some Name brand quick clamps all 24" (6 or maybe more). I was going to list them on eBay but if someone needs some quick before they are auctioned offed PM me soon.

sorry about the sales pitch

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