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Installing Dimarzios. Need Help?


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I am throwing a super distortion and an air norton into a les paul body.

I have 2 500K volume and 2 500k tone. Do I need to connect capactiators?

Also what type of wiring do I need to connect pots and install the ground?

If anyone has any schematics that would help alot

Im trying to give this les paul a bit of new life!

Thanks for any help in advance :D

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They should be drop-in replacements. If your LP doesn't use 4-conductor wiring, it's a simple matter of soldering the two appropriate pickup wires together on each individual pickup (to put the coils in series), and soldering the remaining wires as they were. However, I understand that's not necessarily as easy as it sounds, so I'd advise just going to DiMarzio's own site and doing a schematic search for LP-style wiring. That'll give you the blueprint you need should you be in doubt.

Weird. Went to "dogfood" my advice, and DiMarzio doesn't have a standard LP diagram that I can see.

Here's standard LP:


and here's LP with each volume still working independently when in the middle position:


Once you've clicked to enlarge, there's a "legend" of sorts for Gibson 4-wire humbuckers. You'll need to create your own "legend" using the DiMarzio colours:


The important thing is to compare the "north start/finish" and "south start/finish" and make them match up to that diagram. Your two sets of soldered wires may be different (though bare is going to be the same) and your "hot" lead might be other than red. But once you've got that part sorted out, the rest is self-explanatory. While you're at it, have a poke around Guitarelectronics.com. It's my go-to site for this kind of stuff, though I've still had to ask for advice here when they didn't cover my specific needs.

Hope that helps!


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