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Nut Slotting Question

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so this is the thing; i swear ive seen this topic around, but since i cant search for 3 letter words; nut;

ive been trying to locate info by trying to search other 4+ letter words that might be usd in the same topic;

its not going well.........

so riddle me this;

the way i want to construct my new neck is with a scarf joint (i like the look of solid end to end; but the benifets of scarfs are everyday more apparent) with the headcap glued on prior to final planing of the neck for the fingerboard;

meaning, when i glue the finger board on it will overlap the head peice so i can blend them together;

for this to work, i need to have my nut inlaid(?) in to the fretboard ala fender; i usually leave a 1/4" gap between a head plate and the fingerboard and stick the nut in there;

so im trying to make a jig for my dremel to make a clean accurate nut slot.

what i tried was having a piece of melamine joined to the bottom of my dremel stand with a straight edge underneath; everything is flushed straight to the front; on the fretboard another board is attatched (dubl side tape) with a dado running parralell to its straight edge that sits flush to the fret slot in the board (the zero nut slot)

the piece under the dremel is 1/2" wide and the dado is 3/4" wide;

so the idea is for the one end of the dado allow it to go 1/4" past the nut slot ;then with the help of some super slip tape

for slippiness and extra width the closest pass to the fret slot would leave a hair of wood remainig next to the slot so it could be removed w/ a chisel so the intonation is not disturbed by a wandering bit or whatever;

after putting this together it dosent feel like this is a very well thought out jig for practicality;

so what do you guys that do this type of nut use ?

or any thread that \s going over this would be sweeet;


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