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Tired Fret Board

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After some advice, i have a maverick bass, and the fretboard is VERY tired looking, i polished the frets up as shown in tutorial and followed all steps spot on,

i then applied lem oil ot the neck to give it a good lusture ( neck is rosewood) and in the grain it has almost white marks keep appearign when dries out, i cant think of anythign else to do, it comes back after lem oil treatment looking even duller or faded

it isnt a dark rosewood but it looks like CR*P now....

any advice or solutions please help :D


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You've got gunk built up in the grain pores. I'm not sure what all can work it out easily, but an old rough toothbrush sure can. I spent about 3 hours cleaning up a friends jackson guitar and it looked pretty sweet with all the crap pulled out of the grain pores.

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What brand of lemon oil are you using? I have seen that a large majority of lemon oil is nothing more than mineral oil with some lemon scent and color added to it. And a lot of it is even sold as "pure lemon oil". I think Jon nailed it though, it sounds like a lot of gunk is built up in the pores. Like Jon said, use an old stiff toothbrush, you can use naptha (lighter fluid) to clean the board. It will break down the grease better that lemon oil and help pull it out of the pores. But you absolutely need to oil the board once your done, because it pulls a lot of oil ot of the wood as well.

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