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1937 Martin

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Not a D17 they were only made from 2000-2005. The 0-17 was made from 1906-1917, 1929-1948 and 1966-1968. The 1937 0-17 Martin is all mahogany, 3 white-black-white soundhole rings, thin black backstripe, solid peghead (ie. non-slotted), 14 frets (T-shaped). In mint condition 1934-1939 Martin 0-17 is worth $2800 - $2900. Info from 2008 Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide. (A nice Xmas present from my bro, :D )

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Look inside the body, and on the end of the neck block Martin stamps a serial number, and a model number. With the serial number there are charts on the internet that will nail down when the guitar was built by year; and then of course you've got the model number. The other determinating value factor is supply, demand, and condition, condition, condition. Demand sometimes weighs out over condition, but if it's playable, and sounds great, and it's a Martin there's always a customer out there who'd pay for it.

Here's a link to a serial number chart: http://www.maurysmusic.com/martin_serial_numbers

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