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Tuners For My Alexi

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You'd know that I was deciding between the Razorback and the Alexi. The Alexi is easier to build because the bevels on the Razorback are super tricky. It looks better than the Razorback, and after playing both, I decided on the Alexi for sound too. I've got my design now, and the template just arrived. I'm almost ready to order my neck from Warmoth, but I have one issue. I have no idea what tuners I should use. I'm gonna use an original floyd rose, so locking tuners won't be needed, but I don't know anything about different brands of tuners. I'm thinking of Gotoh SG38s, but I don't know if they'll stay in tune. I know I won't have to worry too much about tuning because of the locking nut, but I don't want piece of crap tuners that'll fall apart.

Just incase you need to know, the specs for it are:

ESP Alexi Body shape (bigger cutout like on the pink ones)

The finish will be black with gold pinstripes (the thin kind on the Japanese Alexis)

Bridge Pickup: EMG-81 in the bridge

Neck Pickup: EMG-60 in the neck

Bridge: Original Floyd Rose

Controls: 2 volume , 1 tone, 1 3-way pickup selector

All black hardware

24 Fret bolt-on Warmoth neck with:

Gold frets

Jackson shaped headstock

Ebony fretboard

Sharkfin inlays

Cream binding (It's the most gold looking I could get.)

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That link didn't work, but I searched around a bit, and I think I found them. Are they valley arts ones? If they are, then they don't have the mounting washers, nut ferrules or the screws. The other black Gotohs I found were left handed or locking. I searched for "black gotoh tuners" and only 3 results came up. If the Gotohs are good, then I think I'll just get them off Warmoth. I won't have to pay extra for shipping because I'll be getting them with the neck.

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Since you don't need locking tuners, you can use pretty much anything. Even the economy tuner work okay. The cheapest ones don't tune as nicely. but you have to adjust with the fine tuners on the bridge anyway. None of them are going to fall apart, even the cheap ones that came on my Squire Strat tune just fine. Go with whatever style you like that has black tuners and spend however much or little you like on them.

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