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A Few Questions

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Judging from my post count i'm sure most of you can assume i'm quite new to the forum.

I'm planning on making a neck thru guitar as my first project (buying the neck and making body wings) and would greatly appreciate it if they could be answered with the least amount of flaming possible =D

I have two questions addressing neck thru construction that I could not find after searching through previous posts and many other sites.

1. Is Neck Angle required for a neck thru guitar that's going to use a recessed floyd rose bridge? I have read that it's required, and that it's not needed, so i'm slightly confused at the moment.

2. The body wings are glued on after being cut to the final shape right? (Sounds stupid when I ask -.-;; but i'd prefer to double check rather than get tooled after buying a neck and investing time into building it)

Thanks for taking the time to read and maybe answer

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1) It depends. Look at Perry's tutorial (pinned, in the tutorial section) on determining neck angles. It applies to every single type of guitar ever. There are always various solutions to angling/not angling/recessing/raising/whatever that will do the trick. Draw it out in full, with the right measurements.

2) Mostly finished/final shape, yes. You'll likely have to do some fine-tuning afterwards (rounding over and the transitions happen after everything's glued up). But again, it sort of depends on how YOU want to build. Last neck-through I did, I shaped after gluing the entire blank together. Granted, it was a headless guitar, and very compact/easy to manouver around, but still.

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Greentea, you really need to read up on how to calculate the neck angle depending on bridge height. Without that basic knowledge you are really up for challenge. I recommend Melvyn Hiscock’s book “Make you own electric guitar”. Melvyn knows his stuff, explains this and other parts very nicely. He also has a great sense of (British) humour and sometimes pop into this forum.

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