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Mahogany Prices

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Okay people, basically I want to start working out roughlly how much my planned project will cost. what i would like to know is how much would the mahogany cost if i were going to build an explorer style body. im not looking for anything flash or nicelly figured. just a nice enough piece of regular mahogany

i realise that this depends alot on where i get it etc but i just wanted to know what cost im looking at

many thanks


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What part of the UK are you in?

Have a look at Craft Supplies near Buxton, David Dyke and Touchstone Tonewoods. Don't forget the cost of tools (which is crippling me at the moment, especially as my bike service is going to cost 310 quid every 8000km).

It's hard to find wood on the British ebay!

From my research, take the price that you think your guitar will cost, double it add, a few quid for the buggeration factor and that should be somewhere about right. :D

Good luck mate.

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hotrock i live in the berkshire area. the cost of tools wont actually be that bad for me since i have access to my school workshop which literally has everything i could posablly need. band saws and all.

to be honest the only thing im worries about is making the neck. im highlly tempted to buy my first neck tho i know that it will cost an utter bomb :D

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sry forgot to say in my first post. thanks for giving me some idea. £40 for a lump of mahogany seems like a good deal to me. im just gonna have a dark red colour on it so the wood doesnt have to look amazing

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