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Sub-primer Sealer & Spots


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I've been stripping a guitar of mine and have made pretty good progress. Pretty much all of the paint and primer is off, except for some around the horns.

I thought I had made it down to bare wood, but I noticed some sort of black paint or ink on the bottom of the guitar, but it looks like it's underneath something yet. I'm assuming this is some sort of sealer coat they applied before the primer? I also noticed that where I've dropped it before, there are cracks in it.


There is also something on the front side that I hadn't noticed until I got past the primer. What could this be?


I then noticed that apparently I've accidentally already sanded through whatever this subprime coating is in a couple spots around the edges. Should I take it all the way down? The wood isn't anything impressive looking, so I'll probably end up painting it instead of staining it.

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