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Dearmond Pickups


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Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the old DeArmond pups that used to come in Harmony guitars in the 60's & 70's? They have a great retro look to them, and seem to still get a good price on eBay, but how do they sound? Are there known problems with them?

OR... when the time comes, would I be just as well off getting some reproductions? The GFS pups have me intrigued, as to the ones in the Airliner guitars.

Any thoughts?

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In my knowledge Dearmonds are basically the same if not somewhat better sounding as Gretsch Dynasonic pickups. If you pair it with a bigsby you can get a guitar that sounds about as hawaiian as you can get a guitar to go. If i'm wrong on this I apologize . Someone here is bound to have more knowledge than I do on these pickups.

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I have a 1960 Silvertone Jupiter with 2 of the surface mount ones, and I adore the tone! It is extremely "Gretsch like", but I've never been able to afford a Gretsch, so I can't say that absolutely. The guitar is a hollowbody with no f-holes so I'm sure that effects the sound as well. It also has a cool wiring scheme that allow the middle position of the pickup selector to blend between the 2 pickups with a knob.


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