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Floyd Rose Nut

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how important is it to have the nuts on a locking nut (thruogh the back of the neck) i got a locking nut that came w/ screws but no nuts, nuts are apain to find so i had to get bigger bolts. what if i dont srew them all the way through the neck, just pre drill and screw the screw in if its not longer than the neck is deep? also, for countersinking the holes for a nut,, whats the best method.?

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Just get a pair of new bolts.. get 'em here

Countersink? Are you installing a floyd rose nut or replacing one?? If you're talking about the countersink that i think you are - then just use a bigger bradpoint drill bit.. Is this nut a rear mount or top mount? Maybe a better description or pictures would be benificial to my advice..


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