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Rebuilding This Guitar


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Hey, one of my friends sent me this guitar and I was wondering how I could go about fixing the headstock and removing the rust and the sticker on the back.


(In this picture the giant red spot is just a reflection of the flash on the camera)




Thanks a lot,


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Sticker: use naptha (basically fingernail polish remover) if naptha doesn't work don't try to experiment with anything. Do some research before you try anything other than naptha. Chances are what you experiment with will damage the finish on the guitar..

Rust: I would try naptha again. I'm not sure it will get rid of the rust but its worth a shot beings naptha will not harm (or damage) any guitar finishes. If naptha doesn't work, I would sand down that area w/ a very very light grit of sandpaper (maybe start w/ 600 grit wet-or-dry then move to 1000). Then use a cotton rag and some automobile buffing compound to buff it out.

Note: if you decide to go this route, DO NOT finger sand that area of the guitar. If you do then after you're done buffing it will show valleys and pits there. Use a flat block. If wet sanding, make sure the block will not absorb water and swell (like wood).

Headstock: do you still have the piece that busted off? It'd be a huge advantage if you did..

let us know how everything works out, Good Luck!


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well if you want to give the guitar it's whole mirror finish back I'd recommend sanding it all down to 1000 grit then buffing with a buffing wheel. Or if you just want to work on that one area then I'd recommend you use some kind of Meguiar's polish compound (mirror glaze). You can get it at any automotive shop. The rubbing of the compound you have to be extremely patient, b/c it takes a loooong time. And several applications, but the end result is prestine :D

(apply w/ a cotton cloth or a guitar polish rag)

As for the headstock, I don't know. Hopefully someone might have a better recommendation then I do, but i'd scrap it and build a new neck. I don't know where you stand in that sense of building, but that is what I'd do. Or just have a 5 string guitar.


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In reply to the head stock you have one thing going for you. That piece is not a structural part of the neck since it is past the last tuner hole. So you can straight glue on anything you want to it without worry. Looks like mahogany maybe. I would use a small plane and get a good flat edge where its cracked off. Not getting into that tuner hole very far is important. I don't know if the headstock is painted or a plastic or or a wood veneer the hardest part will be matching the top surface and the original shape.

I have no Idea how valuable a Kingoton electric is but from my point of view Its probably easier to strip the whole guitar and repaint it that includes the repaired head stock. You can probably skip refinishing the neck itself especially if your painting skills are poor.

Other than repainting the other suggestions are all valid solutions.

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