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"the Banshee " Guitar


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Hi ,

i was on youtub and noiced 'the banshee' guitar, has laods of effects built in and a theremin, which intrigued me ...

the link is there if anyone hasnt seen this before, but i was mainly enquiring is this possible to do on a strat body ( i mainly jsut want the theremin function as i have a boss me - 50 for effects usually ) also does anyone have any idea for wirign diagram of hwo to do it or any tips?

my brothers band uses a theremin and woudl be great to build it in... plus hwo the hell did he get all them effects in there :S i presuem by using the gummings out of a multi effects pedal and wiring individual switches up...


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There is absolutely a thread on the subject and a theremin could probably be added quite simply with a dpdt switch to the output selecting between the pickup output and the theremin, I'm not 100% here so somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

I had an idea about a built-in theremin earlier this week where I wanted to use the truss rod as one of the antennas.

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