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What Type Of Clamps Are You Using

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I prefer cam clamps to go-bars, but there are a lot of different things you could choose. Yes cam clamps are pretty easy to build, but I don't really see saving much money going that route after buying all of the materials -- especially if you put any value on your time to build them. You can sometimes find deals on them.

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Mostly cam-clamps, go bars, and pony clamps.. All clamps are pricey :D remember you get what you pay for.. I guess just do some research (like everyone says) and see what you need for your situation..

Good Luck!


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Cam clamps for general work - they're not expensive for a good quality clamp, and you really don't need a million. Built my first two acoustics with just six, could've done it with four, and some cheap bar clamps for laminating necks and the like.

Other than that, go-bars for gluing bracing and the top and back plates to the rim.

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