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Okay so I'm going to make a telecaster in woodshop, just the body not the neck, but I cant find anywhere that tells you how to do any of the electronics are where to put them, i have little to no experience with electronics so does anyone know where i could get a supper dumbified basic tutorial. also how abouts would i go to get the dimensions of the holes where the electronics are going thanks

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The new book of standard wiring is all pictures, not schematics. I love this book and they have several Tele set ups in it.

Also, just because it's a tele doesn't mean it has to have tele electronics.

Oh wow yeah man schematics are willie confusin.

Get a life.

The guy asked for a "supper dumbified basic tutorial" which the book I mentioned gives him. I don't recall stating that reading a schematic is hard but obviously for a beginner this book is a good starting point. Other than that I really don't know you so you can take your attitude and **** off.

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