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Convert Fretboard To Compound Radius-easy?


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I'm considering converting my Ibanez Wizard neck (7 string version) to a compound radius. The current radius is 17". Stew Mac sells a 20" radius block.

I have three questions:

1. Can I simply use the 20" sanding block near the heel of the neck in order to achieve the desired results (ie, a nice, compound radius)? It seems like a rather simple procedure, which is why I'm concerned about doing it.

2. From a best practice perspective, does anybody have any suggestions at which fret I should 'start' the new radius (ie, 12th fret, 15th fret, etc.)?

3. Would a 4" or 8" length sanding block be a better choice for my project?


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yeah, it's a pretty easy manuver. lot of steps though :D

basically sand the heel side of the fingerboard about 6" up (or however much you want) and blend it together w/ a flat glass block.. making sure it is straight all the way across w/ a straightedge..

pretty complicated if you don't know what you're doing.

if you need more info, write back :D

Good Luck!


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I've heard of people doing what seems to be an easier operation-- putting a compound radius on the frets themselves rather than working the whole fingerboard from scratch. I've never done any "real" fretwork so someone else will have to step in, but my understanding is that as long as you're not going nutz with tight radius at nut and broad radius at the highest fret, it can be done.

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The difference between 17" and 20" radius will remove 0.015" from the fret tops if you leave the frets in, all of it in the middle of the neck of course. You have to decide whether or not you have enough room for that, or to yank the frets and work on the board.

Either way, you will have to lower the saddles to get the same action.

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