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Neck Through Dean Ml

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Hey guys, my brother is working on a project, a neck thru dean ml. And he was wondering if he would be able to use a body from this guitar


by cutting it in half to accomidate for the neck and then make all the necessary routes and stuff. We have been thinking it out for a while but we aren't sure of any complications that might arise. Thanks.

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you could do... but it seems a bit wastefull.

if you are buying the wood to make he neck section you may as well pay a little extra to get wood for the wings as well.. if you already have that guitar then sell it on and it should at least cover the cost of some wood and probably parts better than are on that guitar as well

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well see the whole thing is, he bought the body off of ebay, just the body, and he got a reverse esp neck that he was going to modify for a floyd rose nut. The neck didnt work out so we thought maybe we could make a neck through guitar out of the body instead. I might let him use the neck through neck that i got made for my explorer project and seeing as how we dont have a router template for that style body (which wouldn't really be necessary i guess) to make it from scratch, and we already have the bolt on body blank, it seemed like a good idea.

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