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7 String Lefty F-style Tremolo?


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if nobody finds one it might be worth getting in touch with ETS hardware or hipshot to see if they could make one



other than that it might be easier to use a right one left handed with the bar on the top instead of the bottom

The thing i hate about making left handed guitars is trying to find parts that would be readily available for righties

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Tx WezV, I'll give it a try but I suspect it's going to be very costly....

I could try to make one out of brass like the PRS tremolo and use the commercially available saddles( I will have to buy 2 sets..). It doesn't seem that difficult. I could find a machine shop and have the base plate milled and I could take it from there and drill all the necessary holes(plate and block)... and then it would need chrome plating.....or go for a tunomatic bridge!!!

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