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Working On A Neck: Order Of Work?

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Hi all,

I have some confusion over the neck I'm making, regarding the order in which to do things to get the best result.

The neck is a 3-ply laminate of maple and bubinga, and has an ebony fingerboard.

At the moment it is all raw wood. There is a mother of pearl inlay at the 12th fret position, and the frets are not yet fitted.

I have Melvyn Hiscock's book, and a StewMac fretting book, and a Dan Erlewine book from which to draw inspiration.

So, would the most sensible order be:

1: install frets

2: lacquer/oil neck (see separate question below)

3: level and crown frets?

Also, regarding lacquering/oiling:

is it normal to do this after fret installation? Won't the fets now have lacquer/oil on them? Should I even be lacquering/oiling the fingerboard? Is that simply a matter of personal preference? What about the inlay? Do I mask the fingerboard, and just finish the neck? Nngggg......I'm so confused!!!

Really appreciate any help here!!



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no, with an ebony fretboard, you dont need to laquer it, and i really really wouldnt want to. it doesnt need a finish, but i guess you could. i always put an oil finish like linseed oil on any fretboard. there isnt really a problem with oil on the frets. and yes, you mask the fretboard, then spray the back of the neck. what about the inlay? you dont specify. and i would crown and level first, then oil because you get the fretboard full of fret dust.

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