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Potting Pickups w/Paraffin


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My bandmate and I have been helping the guys who rent the rehearsal space down the hall from us with their equipment, and the guitarist wanted help with his Epiphone SG's squealing pickups. We removed the covers and found that the coils had not been potted sufficiently. We decided to pot 'em in paraffin, but didn't want to melt it on the stove (fire bad!), and didn't have a double boiler handy. After digging around for a while, he found his ex-wife's Igia Therma Spa, cranked it up, melted a potful, and soaked the coils in it until the bubbles stopped, let it cool and soldered the covers back on. Problem solved, and we've got a potting machine for free - only downside is the pickups have a gentle, sensual honeysuckle scent... :D

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