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Fender Custom Pickups


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I purchased some Fender Custom Texas Special pickups for my strat and installed them and for some reason the middle pickup isnt working when i put he selector in the middle nothing comes out. Only all the way down and all the way up. Could it bad pickups or is there a diffrent way to install Texas Specials. I installed them to the same points the old ones where soldered too.

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I've seen the inside of some custom shop Fenders and they were so sloppy wound the wire were hanging in big loose loops around the bobbin. The wire was then held in place with ordinary office type tape!

Best way to check the pickup is to de-solder the joints and check the coil with a digital multi meter. Check for DC resistance. Without checking very deep the DC resistance should be n the range of 5 to 7 Kohms. If it is no were near that you have a faulty pickup.

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