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Anybody Wanna Do A 'Carriburst' Competition?


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Anybody interested in starting a friendly 'lil' 'Carriburst' guitar competition?

I've got 2 Quilted Maple bodies here and was looking for a direction to finish them in when I read yet another post about them the other day.

I figured OK, time to make one of these things that looks like a freakin' tropical fruits life-saver.

Anybody like them also and want to start one?

Nothing else matters (hehe) on the guitar, as long as it has a Carriburst style finish on it.

Mebbe stoopid idea, but ya never know until you ask.

Anybody in? :D

What time period, a year? Less?

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:D let's do that one too! B)

....erhemmm...as such, I digress...I always thought of the Carriburst as some sort of yellowish-green juicy-fruit lookin' center to a sort of peacockish blue, how you get from one to the other, strictly your bizness...but that's certainly not set in stone, just what I have commonly considered a 'Carriburst' as seen around town to (basically) be...there's lots of room for differing shades in between.

If'n it donnnn't remind ya of da islands mahn, it ain't a Careeeeeburst mahn!

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...and since I always have more irons in the fire than I know what the hell to do with, I can wait to start until someone fires the 'go' shot...(remember those gold Floyds? :D )

Maybe we should (all?) each keep an on-going pic file, but not post the pics until done, so at the end, you can show how you got ...from here...to...'The Island'...?

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Mine will probably be the first one of the new design I just created

(uh, I mean 'ripped off' :D ).

It looks (amazingly) a WHOLE LOT like the Steve Cripes Garcia guitar shape.

NOT the Doug Irwin thangs.

Not that I'm a dead-head or anything, but I always liked that design.

Underrated in my book. Me like. Me build. Mmmm.

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if you guys are actually talking a year i'd be down too, just gotta get the current projects moving a bit faster. although i'm sure you'll both sine me in painting. what about yellow/orange/brown(sand)/green/blue/black?

and what's that body shape drak? i can't find a pic online anywhere

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id be in as soon as i finish the other 5 guitars im building. maybe i will try it but just not compete, so i dont rush anything. im very competetive.

looks like we're both in the "5 on the go" boat :D

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Hey, I've got 3-5 others 'in the works' too, but...I'm Game as Hell! B)

Let's say... (making this up as I go now)

That we give everyone a month (or 2?), to give it enough time for 'the word' to get around to anyone interested, and give everyone enough time to 'get a plan' together (and submit it???) (to who??? Brian?)

Reason I say that is so we all know Jan.1 who's in the game, so someone who has ALREADY done something like this can't post it in at the last minute, already done...or would that be OK too???

And let everyone get past Christmas first, to give everyone the holiday period just as an enjoyable planning/staging period.

Soooooo......what about Jan 1, 2004 as the start date, and (obviously) Jan 1 2005 as the final submit date?

PS, Derek, that color scheme sounds AWESOME!

I'm hoping to see a lot of diversity, but all staying under the 'Carriburst' umbrella.

That's really kind of the whole objective, to see what everyone's personal interpretation of what their Carriburst is!

Rules? See what you think...

1)Any body style, any shape, any neck, anything goes.

This is about a particular finish scheme, not about particular guitars per se...

2)You can buy the body and neck from someone else if you want, that's OK, but YOU have to do the finish. ALL of it. And when someone looks at it, they're gonna say "Hey, that's one of those Carribursts man!' :D

That's what it's all about, eh?

3) Maple top, whatever variety you want...quilted, flame, even burl if you can pull it off, but Maple it's gotta be? OK wid dat?

4) It has to be up and running and jamming by Jan.1 2005, no 'almost done' stuff.

Is that minimalistic enough to keep it fun for all ages? :D

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why maple?sycamore also comes quilted...it's not about the top...it's about the finish

man i am really getting excited about this.sounds like a really great project.

but let's define carriburst.i think it is a quilted top with at least three shades of colors and a definate "ocean"type look....wether it's the ocean at night or day or whatever i think should be left up to the individual in order to get the most diversity out of it.

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Yup, your right, it IS about diversity after all.

I'd have a hard time imagining a Carriburst in anything but maple really, but there you are, diversity and imagination at the fore...I'd love to see a few that would visually qualify using something else too!

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Yeah, but it has to have some sort of boundary, some sort of qualifier, something the average guitar geek would look at and easily identify as a Carriburst of some description...some common thread.

Think of the Blue Guitars Book (the Chinery collection)...something like that, except we don't have to all use Mohawk Blue :D

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i'm kinda with wes, anything fairly close to quilted or figured maple should qualify... cause i don't have the best local supply of quilted maple tops... unless we can use veneer??

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Veneer works.

Some of the nicest Maple quilt I've ever seen was veneer.

Veneer is IN!

Also, veneering ain't all that easy, so veneer guys get extra jimmies from me because they can do veneer to start with (uhh, unless you 'bought' it already veneered, in which case you're still good, but no extra jimmies!...)

Doing a great Maple veneer job is Much harder than just slapping a big fat thick Maple booked top on some Mahogony...

Also, hopefully, this will push everyone to do some operation they've never attempted before, I think mine is going to be a .....(ohmygod)...

CARVED TOP!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! :D

I hope to have a helluva lot of fun doing this!

...If you can't already tell, I'll be shooting primarily for something like those pics in the link above, something close to that bottom one, but with some minor tweaks, that's my 'scheme' for now anyway...

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OK, ...you're in Blade.

...but you're gonna have to use that bandsaw with one hand tied behind yer back to keep things fair, you just ain't right with that damned bandsaw! :D

...I also expect to see 'Mr. Litchfield' show up 'round here at some point also!

If it looks like it's a 'fo real' go in a day or two, I'm gonna see if anyone else on the other forums wants a piece 'o dis action too.

But they're gonna have to post their results here at the Project!

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