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Finish Design Question

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I am doing a very intricate design on my guitar and I am wondering what are some good ways to create a very clean looking design. I have seen a couple ways of doing it and I was just hoping you guys couple give me a couple more ideas.

Here are some things I was thinking about doing:

1. Sketching out the design by hand

2. Taping and cutting away design

3. Stenciling

Also any more details on these ideas would be appreciated as well.

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It's all a way of blocking paint.

For the LGM guitar a stencil would be nice if you can get it digially done. So you could do the front and back the same.

Masking has the advantage of being able to replace pieces if you want to back mask. But is a lot more work if your going to keep repeating the design.

Your other choice is a latex liquid mask.

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