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Anyone have experience good or bad with the LMII wate based dyes? Was set to order from reranch but then saw prices at LMII. I don't mind paying more if its better but if you believe LMII they say they have researched and found these to be the most vivid of all dyes they have tried.

Keep in mind I'm going to try the tigerseye as described in another thread. Should I go with this or something else?

Thanks once again


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Hi John,

I finally saw your posting, sorry for being tardy.

I have used the LMII water based on several guitars. You can see them Here.

Check out Yellow, Blue, Orange, The BeatCaster, and Bigsby. Also, where ever you see black, that is store bought.

The only comment I would make, and this would apply to both LMII and re-ranch equally, is that you may want to get a color wheel to help you get proportions correct.

One thing to note here is that there are two main dye groupings, Red Green Blue and Cyan Magenta Yellow, not counting brown and black. So you have to get the proper color wheel.

To hold the dyes, I started out using empty baby food jars, but now that the baby eats real food, I have been using Mason Jars. More expensive, but easier to get my hands in.

A few more side notes. Water based dyes will pop the grain on the wood. Water based dyes will stain your hands, so get some latex gloves. Get lots of scrap wood of the right type and color to practice on. Keep a log of your mixes as you go, so that you can re-create them in the future.

Guitar Ed

Advice worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

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Thanks very much!

LMII has a good deal for all colors in a set. I'm going to go ahead and get that. Plan is to use the scrap wook cut away from the top. This one has a 7/8" carved flame maple top and board is somewhat wider and longer so I'll have scrap. I got some 1x2 maple boards with flame at Homedepot but the flames won't let much soak in. Strange, can't use this to test I guess.

Ok then, thanks again for the advice. I'll follow everything. No more excuses, time to really get going and finish this darn thing.



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