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Fretting Templates.

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I have just a quick question, I did a search here, but I found nothing that could answer my question.

I have the Stewmac miterbox and saw for my fret slotting, however, they don't offer that many scales in their templates.

LMI have quite a lot more to chose from, but I'm not interested in banging out another 300+$ for their slotting system.

Do the LMI templates work on the StewMac miter box..?


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Probably.. the only issue would really be the size of the indexing pin.

I have the Lmii setup, so if you could give me a good measurement of the end of your index pin ( the part that fits into the slot on the template ) I could see if they were the same or not.

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No, they are definitely not compatible. I wanted to do the same thing, but the LMI templates do not fit the StewMac box. You could make a rig that will work with both, but that one won't.

I think they may both work on the LMI box (with the question of the index pin size), but not the other way -- the StewMac box is too narrow.

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