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Strat Trem Problems

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Hi al, just bought a Mighty Mite body and neck, and have problem with the trem i had already had, it doesnt fit!! the 6 screw holes dont align properly

sizes are as follows ;

distance between holes 11.5mm (centre to centre)

Trem cavity - 80mm x 21mm

the trem i have isnt an orginal fender one which i presume is where the problem lies... does anybody know where i can find one which will fit this, i have tried ebay but dont want to shell out cash for something that wont fit.... again :D

Also, the nut on the neck, how do i replace this as it is showing signs of wear and whats best method or type of nut to use.


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Rich, just a suggestion.....fill the holes in the body with epoxy and then redrill using your bridge base plate as a template, mark the correct screw locations and drill. I like to use a fast 5 or 10 min. epoxy as you can work with it in about an hour upon full cure.

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yer i was thinking of doing that, the only thing is that shouldt the trem block be tight in top and bottom of the hole though ( i know when filled and drilled it will secure it) but i would have thought it would need to sit tight in there.... the springs would hold it obviously but i didnt want to have to mess about with drilling etx on this one as its got a brilliant blue sunburst on it

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