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Clear Coating Over Decals


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Also was wondering if I can clear coat nitro-cellulose over decals. I have to re-decal on the head stock after i paint it and am hoping to do so without dissolving or turning the decal into jelly. Its not a sticker its one of those water-slide kind you put on model cars i think. Any suggestions to keep me from fudgin my son's Kramer will be appreciated, thanks. :D

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Wrong section, bro. And yes, you can use clear coat over decals. Even if you don't plan on using ReRanch, at least check out the tutorial there and the forums. You should be able to find most all the info you need, and a proven method of application.

thanks for the info...sorry bout wrong section, and i havn't even been breathing those laquer fumes yet ..go figure

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It's actually pretty easy. I got these decals off of Ebay from an Auto store. The shot here is before the orange peel was sanded off and the hardcoat is nitro. The thinner the decal the better off you'll be. These were a bit thick and it took a TON of nitro to get the finish flat> I'd also suggest a poly hardcoat to prevent future shrinking around the decal. Read the reranch site. It's great!


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