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okay, so i have a strat with a solo volume switch and a whatc can only be described as a mellowing humbucking blender,self designed, which works fantastic.

Now that im addicted to modding my guitars, what else should i do?

Got to know a little more about the guitar and what you have to work with...a pic may be good...see photobucket.com

I have made many mods to strats, is this a real one, or a cheapy. If a cheap guitar, there are lots of tricks to make it play better...however if simply electronic stuff...besides the humbucker, what are the pickups and controls already there and how much do you want to drill holes in it and modify it further?

Of course, for the ultimate mod and to be truely addicted, you need to try the DIY sustainer project :D ...see the links attached to my sig directly below...


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I ripped the second tone control out of my squire strat.. I believe its the neck tone, but don't call me on it because now I have 1 master volume, 1 master tone, and the empty hole is a killswitch. To clear things up more, bluntly put, its the tone control that is farthest away from you. Anywho, I shoved a 3 way toggle switch in there, wired it as a killswitch, and it is unbelievably fun to play. Looks fantastic IMO; definitely recommend it.

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i have a cheapo one, and i have and spdt switch a master vol, master tone and a blender pot, oh, and a five way. pics not possible atm dont have a digi cam, mum in process of searching for one.

Edit- sustainer not reali possible at the moment, by the way, im probably going to fix some broken pedals out of my local guitar shop, i can get broken ones at a fiver a shot and fix them up. can get crybaby, TW john bull overdrive and TW mad Dog fuzz.

:D :D B)

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