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Gluing Inlays For Scribing Fretboard


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I've cut MOP and Paua Abalone pyramid inlays for a new fretboard, and I'm at the point of scribing around them on the fretboard to rout out cavities. Would you glue the pyramid pieces together with CA glue first, and then temporarily tack to the fretboard for scribing? What is the best way to temporarily attach them to the board? I've heard of using everything from double-sided tape to DUCO cement (and a drop of acetone around each to remove.) What methods do you guys use succesfully?

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DISCLAIMER: I haven't done any inlay work yet. I'm only repeating the info I have at hand.

The book I have on doing inlay suggested that very thing if it's a multi-piece inlay. He suggested piecing the inlay together like a puzzle on wax paper, then use a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of glue to tack the pieces together. Expect some to seep out of the edges, but it won't stick to the wax paper. After the thing is in one stable piece, the pattern can be made in the wood. The major benefit of this is that you're only routing one cavity.

Post some pics when you have some progress to show. Also, if you go this route, PLEASE let LMK how this works for you.

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