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One Piece Maple Strat Neck Thread?

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Hi everybody. I did a search but I cannot find a thread on building a 1 piece maple strat neck. These are the necks where the fretboard and rest of the neck are one piece and they have the walnut fillet in the back. Are there any good tutorials or thread on building this kind of neck? The main difference between this and building a rosewood strat neck would be installing the truss rod right?

Anyway, if any of you guys know where I might find a thread like this or a site that explains it that would be great!


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well, I did a 1 piece neck, but not of maple, it's in pau-marfin, that it's a bit similar. with a skunk stripe of ipe.

It was my first project, so don't take it so seriously, but i believe it can be useful to you.

in this page are all the information about, the plans, the gears, etc.


but it's in portuguese, sorry.

this is the link directly to the neck part:


that in portuguese we call "braço" (arm) inspite neck.

If you have any doubt about anything in my project, ask me, and I'll try to explain it in english!

I created a topic to my tele, it's here:


I think in the martin koch's book "building electric guitars" there was something about this kind of neck, I'm not sure.

I hope it can help you!

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