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More Finish Help Needed, Please...


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With some reference to my post about wet sanding :D(stewmacs wb sealer and lacquer) ...I think I may have wet sanded to the sealer coat in a small area. The finish just wont shine there as much as the rest of the guitar. Is that a telltale sign of a sand thru to sealer?

Lets assume that I do have to put some more lacquer on. I know that I need to scuff the finish with 320 in order for it adhere. There is still that wetsand/polish residue that I'll need to get out of the pores on the mahogany, unless I just spray the top which is where the sand thru occured. But...maybe I should get it out of there and refill the pores in order to get a perfect finish this time. I still have the brown pore fill, do you think it would work ok at this point?

Sorry for the rambling, it's tough gettin all of this out of my brain in some kind of order.

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