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I'm waiting for a set of Curtis Novak pickups for my MIM Strat. I'll let you know. :D

For some reason I read that as Chuck Norris and thought it was another joke. :D

Haha, same here!

My new drugs of choice are a DiMarzio Blaze neck and a Tone Zone in the bridge. Nicest pickups i've used so far.

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Since this topic has been bumped...

I got to give a plug for the SCn telecaster neck pickup...can be heard in the clip below. Very quiet and a lovely lush chime like sound. Combines well with my "full range" fender in the same guitar...

My next guitar looks like having an Artec mini HB filtertron kind of thing...that will be a very different pickup for me, thinking of combining this on a true hollowbody in the neck with a full piezo system...got no idea what it will sound like!

I like guitars that have a unique sound to them as long as it is a useful sound...justifies having them I guess...as I specialize in dolling up cheap guitars, I may as well try some unusual flavours...

HB's...still fond of the SD JB and the JB fender noiseless pickups in the strat...

I am tempted on trying HB lipsticks in another project...but I have heard nothing about them...it's the chrome factor I guess...I have just the sparkly guitar for them :D


oh yeah...another guitar is half finished (like a lot of my projects) and I have some no name high output tortoiseshell bobbined HB's in it...I am hoping to do this variable coil split thing with them and the extra output may be of benefit...

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since i haven't had the chance to try an amp with so much true tone in it (eventhough i've tried SO MANY pickups, but they sound a little different on my setup) i'd say:

my 81/85 KFK set in my warlock for low tuned DM (for exactly the same reason Wes mentioned, bass notes bite)

surprisingly, the stock DMZ/IBZ pickups that come on my prestige RG for shred work.... yes they're not blazing high output but they're VERY clean and accurate! at least that's what i think

and these aren't "for sale" pickups anymore, but i got this Aria Pro II standard LP copy and it came with black metal covered HB's which sound GORGEOUS for clean sounds.

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I just finished a guitar for a US customer who supplied a set of WB Firewaters and i will say in nearly 30 years of playing i've never heard a humbucker that actually sounds like a single coil when their tapped before i'd heard these - absolutely outstanding.

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My favorite set I've tried is the Dragsters on the Fender Jaguar Special HH. The only other sets I've heard have been the Fender Highway One and SD Hotrails on my MIM, Gibson burstbuckers, stock PRS pups, stock Epiphone pups, and G&L MFD pickups.

The Jaguar definitely has the best clean sound I've heard. Other people call the sound "weak", but that's what it's for, it doesn't have that brittle high end squeal like you get on a lot of hotter pickups and the bottom end doesn't overpower the sound.

I haven't quite figured out what the pickups in my strat would be good for, maybe grunge. They are definitely hot, overwound to 10k. They want to be played hard and detuned.

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My fav. is the gibson 500t bridge PU in my Explorer...so grunty and cutting.

I also like DiMazio dp100 bridge and DiMazio Tone Zone neck for my LP...for that Ace Freeley, Vinnie Moore late Seventies early Eighties sound.

I love the bridge PU in the '52 tele but I think it's more a function of placement and the brass bridge saddles that make it sound like it does(played teles with newer bridge designs and just felt they lost a lot of that classic sound) ...it's just the same PU as all the early strats have in all 3 positions as far as I know.

Since no ones mentioned basses yet I thought I'd give props to the awesome MusicMan humbucker neck PU/pre amp combo in the Stingrays...just brilliant, clean powerful and versitile.

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At the bridge I really do like the SD SH-5 Custom - a fantastic hot PAF tone. I also like the SH-3 Stagmag with a humbucker made of two true serial coils with a coil tap it does give a proper hot twang strat sound.

Neck wise I have to say I like the SH-2 Jazz.

The EMG60 is a cool neck pick up also - but I have to say I was kind of disappointed in general by the EMG81 at the bridge - maybe I was expecting too much!

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I just put a couple of Iron Gear in my build, Platinum P90 and a Blues Engine HB, apart from suiting my budget they sound very nice, the P90 has a wonderful tone.

If I could afford them it would be EMG's

just watch for sales i scored a kfk set at GC for 150 bucks about two years ago but even on a regular day around 100 bucks a piece isnt too far out of line when your talking good pickups.

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