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Purple Metallica Burst Les Paul


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Hi guys,

This guitar,Purple Haze,have gone thru full sanding, repainting.. ok basically the paint job is the focus here. Also you'll realize it's not labeled Gibson but Gr3y! haha.. that's my lil mischief~ hopefully it'll help from someone trying to get me a nice lawsuit.. hehe..

This paint job is one of my best i feel.. the sunburst technique was a total stranger to me and i totally enjoy the results. I believe i gotta start somewhere to learn bursting technique and now this will definitely aid me to spray a 3TSB in future! Gotta thanks someone by the name of kelvin for all e guidance! Although he did not see my project and all he did was telling me a few clues along the way.. i'm very thankful~

Enjoy the pics! The hardwares are still in the process of funding.. ya.. but hopefully it'll be very soon that this Purple Haze will start to rock~!






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That is absolutely beautiful. :D :D

What kind of paints did you use, is that HOK product or something else?

If that is your first 'burst job, you should be furiously patting yourself on the back, it came out great, most people (myself included) don't get it near that good the first time.

Is it bound and you haven't 'pulled tape' on it yet?

Please post some more pics when you pull tape so we can see the binding. B)

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deeboy : I'm using rattle cans! can't afford compressor and all those stuff.. so yup.. juz rattle cans.. :D

Drak: I combined a few different paint here. The purple metallic part is actually some acrylic epoxy paint while the black burst and the finish are wood lacquer paint. They work perfect for me!

Sorry for being a noob but what is a HOK?

The bindings are only on the side of the body, the top is clean. Don't wanna make it too gibbish in a way :D

Btw I've bought some parts!

-Tonerider Rocksong pickup set

-Abalone top chrome domes

-neck joint plate(can't see in the following pics)

-jack plate(can't see in the following pics)



Really love these knobs! Might really consider them for my future guitars!

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Drak! I've just browse thru a couple of your work on the forum! OMG!!!... **** i am so impressed and influenced...

Well.. i'm from Singapore and getting materials like those are always involving huge money.. sigh.. Would definately love to start staining a nice figured top someday! Damn~ you rock!

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I really really like the way this came out! Congratulations! I would have liked to see binding on the top, though. I'm not sure why, but a Les Paul without a bunch of binding looks amateurish to me. I'm not meaning to slight your venture in any way, though, it came out very well :D

"Real" Les Pauls have always had a ton of binding. We're used to seeing them that way. Whenever Gibson makes one without all the decorations (like binding) they call it "studio" or "light" or some other name which implies that it's not worthy of being called a "real" L.P. So... when we see one w/o all the bells & whistles, we tend not to think as much of it. It's all in the conditioning (brainwashing).

That being said, I agree that it might be better with binding on the top too.

The paint job is GREAT! First go at it AND it's with cans? Gowan wit'chur bad self! :D

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geez... i guess it's too late for the binding now.. it's all polished up and i don't think i want to go back to basic.. damn.. should have consulted you guys. i'm not a big fan of gibson thus i don't really understand about the binding.. basically the side binding idea comes from prs.. i tot they look cool that way.. erm.. argh..

Thanks for all the comments guys.. will post the finish job asap. :D

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