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Clean Binding Around Bolt On Neck Pocket


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If it were me, I'd rout the neck pocket first, then bind the body & trim the excess. My gut says that if the body is bound first, routing the neck pocket might rip the binding loose.

What's the best way to trim the binding in the neck pocket once it's applied? Just file it? This will be my first stab at binding and I don't want to mess it up! :D

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That depends on the binding material. If it can be cleanly cut with a coping saw (or some other fine-bladed saw), this might be a good option. Honestly, though, there are a LOT of variables to answering this one: material, thickness, tools available, etc. After it's trimmed down close to the body, filing might be a viable option, bit an X-acto knife might be as well.

Whatever you decide to do, "test trim" on some extra. Try the various cutting tools you have on hand to see what they all do to the binding material. It could be that a file would make it too rough & uneven, or it doesn't cut well with an X-acto.

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