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Seiq Pickups Don't Exist.


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SEIQ pickups don't exist. Well, they don't exist in the world of search engines, which IME means they don't exist at all. :D In my SX Geddy Lee clone bass, though, there's a humbucking jazz-bass pickup (think side-by-side jazz pups) in the bridge position. Right on the bottom, it says "SEIQ 006."

Looks like this, with four conductors, red, blue, black, and white:


The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan Vintage Jazz, and the controls are supposed to be Volume, Blend (I don't know what the push/pull is for, I'm thinking series/parallel) and Tone.

I'm not sure it's wired correctly, and I'm positive the hum I'm getting is not just single-coil hum. When I'm not actually touching something metal on the bass, the hum gets louder. I've tried getting a better ground on the bridge (A Badass II) and I don't think that's where my problem is. The yellow wire on the neck pickup is soldered to ground on the volume, and the black to the middle tab on the volume pot... I thought yellow was the hot? SD's site isn't a whole lot of help, as it seems I've only been able to find wiring for the Basslines pups. Also, the volume pot's left tab is bent all the way over and is soldered to the case of the pot, which is weird to me, too.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a wiring diagram or have some wisdom to impart? I've looked all over the place, used the search function here, at Talkbass and at ActiveBass, and haven't come up with anything. :Grumble

Thanks in advance.

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