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Anyone Tried An X2n In The Bridge

Thoughtless 7

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+1 the guitarist for that band that I'm in that never calls me for band practice or sends me the new music just threw in a Romeo set (X2N, Tone Zone) in his main RG. The thing screams! He plays through a GT8 into a non-master Marshall Plexi.

Then again, you say you like the LOOK of the X2N and D-Sonic. I hope you care about the SOUND of them, too, else you'd be one of the few cases I've heard of of someone buying a pickup for looks :D

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Well, the X2n and Dsonic look unique!

I want to get a DSonic 7 as an upgrade for the Duncan Designed JB currently in the bridge of my seven-string. They supposedly have great definition while retaining a JBish sound. This would be perfect, cause I love the JB but the low-end response on a low B is incredibly wooly.

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