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I Have A Problem With My Pickups


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So I have an Ibanez RG7321 and I bought a couple of DiMarzio pickups to put in it, the D-Sonic and Blaze neck to be specific. I replaced them on Friday (my first time replacing pickups), following a wiring diagram from Ibanez.com and some instructions given to me by a member of the Ibanez forum (a well-know, trusted member). Upon finishing I re-strung the guitar and plugged in to my amp for a test. It worked and sounded great. But after switching pickups a few times, the bridge stopped putting anything out except a very weak and thin sound. I opened up the back and re-soldered the bridge pickup, and then it worked fine again. I decided to leave it overnight, thinking maybe the solder just needed to set. I checked again on Saturday, and it worked fine, until I started switching between pickups. Once again, the D-Sonic lost the majority of it's power. I re-soldered the bridge pickup AGAIN, and re-soldered the neck pickup, and then left overnight. Today, I decided to try it out. Plugged it in (the switch on the bridge pickup), and worked fine. I was on the clean channel, so I switched the neck pickup, and holy freaking crap, the problem had moved to the neck pickup. I re-soldered the neck pickup, and this time I didn't have to start switching pickups for it to not work. I thought, "Maybe they're out of phase," so I switched the green and red wires on the neck pickup (north and south start wires), and switched to the neck pickup. Fine. But on clean, I like the sound of the neck pickup in parallel, so I switch to that. OH MY GOSH. It had now migrated to the neck pickup parallel option.

Honestly, I did everything right, I double checked four times, what could I possibly be doing wrong?

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Replace the switch. Ibanez, Jackson, most any over seas guitars keep prices low by cutting cost on "subpar" components. One of them usally being the switches they use. The heat of a 700-1000 degree soldiering Iron can warp the plastic into not working.

You can pick up, from dimarzio a good switch that wont do that stuff.

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