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More inlays- lots of pics..


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Hi all.

To those that have seen these already I apologize..

For the rest, these are from my site, which I will not post because I don't advertise or financially sponsor this site YET. I enjoy helping out.

Brian I am going to :D

I'll talk to you about that!

More of my inlays:

The living sea guitar- I didn't make the guitar, just the inlays



A full body sailfish on an Braz rosewood telecaster


A celtic cross on an box top


Gandolf from Lord of the Rings- on a guitar battery coverbestgandalf.jpg

A turning hammerhead shark on an 7 string guitar- the teeth are position markers.



Buffalo bill


And, last but not least a sperm whale fighting a giant squid on back of my whales guitar.


Thanks all for looking, and being so supportive of my work! B)

Craig Lavin

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:D GOOD GOD! Dude the Buffalo Bill is downright scary its so good! But i gotta say the Gandolf rocks hard! But then again I love the LOTR stuff any way. Do you have any how to books out? If so I would like to get my hands on one B) . If not.......Then you should!
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Thanks again guys.

The seahorses on the truss cover are solid gold, glued to a black pearl, white pearl, and paua shell 3-d cut wave pattern. They have a ruby, and a saphire eye, (symbolic of the calm Vs. angry sea) and the algea fronds are synthetic opal.

The whole piece is a 3-d jewelery piece pretty much. It's a real truss cover. It comes off with screws.

Keith at www.whimsmith.com made the seahorses and cut the opal. I just designed it, and cut the shell, then assembled it.

The blue is recon stone turquoise. I use a lot of it. (recon stone!)


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All I can say is WOW. And here I am trying to cut simple stars out of Mexican abalone. I can't believe the potential and just wondering if I can ever produce such intricate quality one day. The viperfish, angler and hatchetfish are my favorites. Do you use a diamond cutting wheel to shape the pieces?

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:D That is so good, it just isn't funny anymore. Seriously, that is about the best inlaywork I've ever seen. That may not mean much coming from a guy like me, but those pics just made my day. Especially that living sea guitar had me drooling al over my keyboard and mousepad...that "carriburst" on the back of the neck looks so tasty, I wanna take a plunge in it. And the whole guitar's concept is awesome. When it comes to art, I may not be able to tell Van Gogh from Von Dutch, but I know when I see a masterpiece, period.

One question though, the initial pics you posted showed the inlays in the wood before it is stained. Do you tape the inlays off before staining, or will the dye wipe off the inlays? I mean, you'd have to cut pretty exact maskings in order to not leave any blank spaces on the guitar body.

Keep up the good work and do a few tutorials man.

so long


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Hi guys.

man your all too much..

My head almost exploded (not hard for me :D )

I promis I'll get a tutorial going with my current piece. It's a photo-real piece of a friends wife in a "lady of the lake" scene.

Tons of engraving, and a lot of detail.

As for the cutting, it's all hand cut, with .03 blades and a standard jewelers saw.

the water drops are silver dust and pearl pieces added to engraved/gouged small areas. Fill with glue and then sand.

More pics soon, and a tutorial as well.

Thanks for all the support!


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