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Value Estimation

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Hey there, Y'all. I'm a newbie to the forum and actually am only here to try and benefit from all y'allz expertise.

While on active duty in the US Naval Submarine Force in the early 80's, I purchased an Ovation round-backed, six string acoustic guitar in New London, CT.

Looking at it the other day, I noted the label inside stated it to be a Model 1112 made in CT. USA. The serial number is 263601. The guitar came in an Ovation labeled hard case (which still houses the guitar) and I paid 500 clams for them back then.

Is there anybody that frequents this forum that could possibly suggest a current market value. I know that Ovation now makes all it's products offshore and so this American made piece might be of some interest to collectors.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

Plz reply via this medium or give me a call at 619-459-4878. Plz take note that I live in San Diego would really appreciate not receiving any calls between 10:00PM and 06:00AM.

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