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Putting A Veneer On A Carved Top


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I'm inclined to agree. Plus, that S is a bit beaten up, you should first concentrate on getting it to look as good as it can without a veneer.

I'd look into threads about vacuum veneering, which is really the only conceivable way I can think to put a veneer on an S. It's way more curved than an SG, so the complexity skyrockets accordingly.

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Your link to the veneer says:

"Having a hard time finding the right veneer for your project guitar? One that is flexible enough to conform to the arm rest contour of your guitar body without having to slice the top of your guitar off?"

I agree with the others who have posted. Having tried to veneer a flat body and nearly committed suicide in the process, I decided I needed a lot more practice on scrap wood before I would even think about doing it for real. It's a skill I just don't have enough of yet!

BTW, I just received my drop top. Guess who's going to be in the shop tomorrow tuning up his jointer? What a beautiful piece of maple :D :D B)


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Unless the veneer is flexible (as in stretchy), it's impossible to do.

Just try this:

Take a flat sheet of paper.

Grab an orange.

Now, wrap that paper around the orange without creasing the paper.

As you will notice, you won't get very far before that paper has creases all over.

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Agreed on the difficulty of getting a solid veneered looking with a curvy top. I imagine a burst finish would help you in your goal, as you wouldn't have to veneer the entire top, cutting down the curve.

Also, I this is kind of 1 in 1,000,000 sort of thing, but did that happen to come from Holland Guitars?

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